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StudioLinked JUICEMAN (Vocal Plugin) PC 虚拟的声乐插件
Juiceman是一个虚拟的声乐插件,其设计理念是有抱负的音乐制作人和节拍制作人。这个动态软件可以让你接触到亚特兰大音乐中最大的名字之一,OJ Da Juice Man的声乐。包含超过114首声乐歌曲和广告词。当被问及该软件开发背后的动机时,StudiolinkedEvinGroves的首席执行官回答说,很难接触到名人说唱歌手。我一直梦想着把名人的歌声带给每一位卧室制作人指尖。现在它是可能的,其中第一个是JuicemanVST。

Juiceman is a virtual vocal plugin Engineered with the aspiring music producers and beat makers in mind. This dynamic software gives you access to one of the biggest names in Atlanta music, OJ da juice man’s vocals. Contains over 114 vocal chants and ad-libs. When asked about the motivation behind the creation of this software, CEO of StudioLinked Evin Groves answered it is hard to get access to celebrity rappers. It has always been my dream to bring celebrity vocals to every bedroom producers fingertips. Now its possible and the first of many is the Juiceman vst.

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