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Retail Man零售管理軟件
Retail Man提供零售功能,可以幫助你的店舖管理收銀內容,這款軟件提供簡單的收銀方式,你可以結合POS使用,當客戶購買商品的時候就可以在收銀端掃瞄掃瞄,從而可以完成交易,軟件後台可以自動調用庫存,可以從庫存刪除已經銷售的商品,實現更加智能的零售方案,這款Retail Man軟件是國外商家經常使用的零售管理軟件,內置豐富的商店管理以及收銀管理功能,適合所有行業使用.

Retail Man converts your PC into a powerful Point of Sale system with inventory control and accounting - no hidden extras. Multi-currency supported on POS and sales screens. Attach standard POS hardware such as a Docket printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Pole Display, Scales and Touch Screen to create a POS system with one or more POS stations. Most leading brands of POS hardware are supported. Retail Man has a simple user interface with powerful security. Ideal for most shops and retail outlets. Retail Man includes all the accounting features of Ezi Accounting with full Point of Sale features. Why buy two packages when Retail Man does POS & Accounting? Integration with web stores is supported, including Open Cart

OS : Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language : English

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