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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 8E 8.0.11 MacOSX - 功能強大的raw圖片處理軟件
silkypix developer studio pro mac便是一款功能強大的raw圖片處理軟件,簡稱為silkypix mac,該軟件專為需大量處理RAW檔的攝影師及影像專業人士所設計,您可以將RAW文件有效率地轉換成高品質的影像。除了曝光補正、批次顯像、旋轉、裁切及白平衡等基本功能外,silkypix還具備遮光、去除髒點、數碼移軸、highlight控制、偽色管理、精密色彩微調、鏡頭收差補正等進階微調選項,讓您輕鬆擁有超高品質的影像。
在silkypix developer studio pro 3.5版本中,軟件除了加入了對適馬dp1、dp2和dp3 Quattro等相機RAW格式文件的支持,還帶來了全新的圖像清晰度調整工具,同時提升了軟件的降噪能力,並通過改進交互界面的方式令軟件的使用變得更為直接。

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 8E 8.x MacOSX |
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 8 adds “clarity” that enhances the texture with its own image processing technology. In addition, the correction functions such as adding a brush function to the partial correction tool has been enhanced. This product is RAW development software for professionals.

SILKYPIX allows you to make adjustments such as exposure (brightness), white balance (shading), tone (light and dark sharpness) while maintaining a high quality of image without deteriorating the image. In addition, anyone can easily perform high-quality adjustments because basic adjustments are arranged in order from the top of the control panel. Furthermore, fine tuning adjustments for each item can be minutely performed with the “Slider” control.

A Variety of Functions to Recreate the Photographer’s Images
The Partial correction function is included to adjust saturation and brightness of specified areas. In addition, the newly adopted Brush in SILKYPIX Pro8 can be used to designate areas for partial correction more freely than ever.
What is more, a variety of fine adjustment functions such as Fine color controller which can be used to adjust each specific color and Highlight controller which restores colors in highlighted parts as well as recover gradation are available.

Easy Editing with Tastes
SILKYPIX Pro8 has 10 types of maker tastes installed which can take on various shooting scenes in advance. Just by choosing a taste such as “Landscape” or “Portrait,” you can make a finished photograph easily that fits your image.
In addition, you can save your adjusted parameters as a taste. Parameters are very useful functions, and you can easily create pictures from the same image by applying them to other photographs.

Compliable with JPEG and TIFF
With “SILKYPIX RAW Bridge” available only on SILKYPIX Pro8, JPEGs and TIFFs are expanded to 16 bits, so even JPEG and TIFF images can be adjusted to a high degree of image quality with less image degradation.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8.5 or later

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